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About Your U.S. Point of View

US POV is your website home that adds volume to your voice and values which are currently under daily attack. This site is Your U.S. Point of View for so called deplorables. There is a vast element in the United States that wants to drown out, or more particular, eliminate your voice! If you are one of the 62+ million people that voted for and support our President, welcome home to US POV! If you voted otherwise and have since changed your mind based on our President’s accomplishments, welcome! Our logo shows a blue donkey with the letter “L”. This typically represents the word liberal or the left. You may feel free to use other fitting definitions.

US POV is for the ABSOLUTELY fed up politically incorrect people that love the Country and immediately understands the consequences of COMPASSION without WISDOM. The United States is a nation of laws. To extend blind compassion on any and everything, without using logical wisdom of future consequences afterwards places the Country at risk. Historically, cities controlled by, or policies suggested by liberal, progressives, the media, and left wing believers exactly parallel what we describe in our logo! Either the place or policy will become such.

Arguably our logo, although blunt gets straight to the point in shedding light on these consequences, and pushes back the unreasonable liberal horde who hypocritically want things their way, or no way at all. Sadly, every day is now an IQ test and the people with these beliefs are NOT on our side. What side exactly? Simply, respect and enforce the laws of our Country, respect law abiding citizens, veterans, and enforce the complete protection for those within this great nation. Here we join together to push back against daily jaw dropping hypocrisy.

We don’t try to share our thoughts and movement to try to convince others to change their minds. We share our thoughts so that others who think clearly know they’re not alone.

Patriots join our viral movement, share with your friends, and use your chosen product proudly!

We’re fighting for America

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